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Thanks in big part to Grapery and the success of their Cotton Candy grape variety, we are starting to see more flavors offered in the grape world. One flavor is one that many are familiar with already, but is being marketed in a new way. The Concord grape is the classic grape that grape juice and jelly are made from. They are rich in flavor and when fresh have a intense smell that fills whatever space they are in. Their drawback has been the seeds. In America we are now accustomed to seedless grapes, only diehards buy up the Concords. In the last few years a variety has come on the market that combines that Concord flavor with a seedless grape. They have been called Thomcord Grapes, a cross between a Concord grape and a Thompson seedless grape. For a produce nerd like me, the name itself attracts my attention. However for the average costumer it really not that attractive of a name. It isn’t a name like Honeycrisp or Cotton Candy that just grabs your attention. This year I have seen them marketed with a different name – one I think will help get more of these delicious grapes into people’s carts. That name is Jelly Drops.

The name “Jelly Drops” is a trademarked name, given to the grapes by Melissa’s Produce out of Los Angeles, California. That name to me seems like way better marketing. A grape that tastes like jelly (because it has that Concord flavor) is really appealing. A lot more appealing to the common person than Thomcord. Brandt Farms, anohter producer of Thomcord grapes are marketing theirs under than name “Grape Jammers” this year.

The season for Jelly Drops, Thomcords, Grapper Jammers, or whatever you want to call is in the last summer (August through September). I want you a grape that tells like your favorite grape jelly without having to deal with the seeds, then this a grape for you. I have seen them at several major retailers including Whole Foods Market, Kroger, Trader Joe’s to name a few. Check wherever Melisa’s produce items are sold.


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