Jonared Apple

(Last Updated On: November 9, 2010)

Jonared Apples The Jonathan is a classic American apple. It has been used to produce other varieties of apples as well such as the Jonagold. When I discovered the Jonared, I assumed it was a mix of a Jonathan and a Red Delicious. However this is not the case. The Jonared apple is actually a sport variety of the Jonathan. Botanically speaking it is a Jonathan apple still. Another example of this is the Hawthrone variety of Red Delicious I spoke of earlier this year.

The unique characteristics of a Jonared is that the skin actually bleeds into the flesh underneath. Also the apple is quite small.

My Experience with this Apple (Rating Scale 1-10)
Crispiness: 3
Tartness : 7
Apple Flavor: 7
Sweetness: 5
Juiciness: 9

Jonared ApplesauceOverall Feeling: This is a very juicy apple that has good flavor and is more tart than sweet. You can use it like you would any other Jonathan apple. These apples make beautiful applesauce. If you keep the skins on when cooking and remove them with a food mill later, your sauce will have a red tint to it.

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