Jones Naturals D’Peach Mode

(Last Updated On: August 19, 2010)

Jones D'Peach Mode On a recent trip to Big Lots, I came across several Jones Natural flavors on the store shelves. The first one I will review is the D’Peach Mode. The label on this 14 oz glass bottle says the flavor is natural peach & tangelo. The drink also contains vitamin C, vitamin B6, and some calcium. The ingredient list reads like this: Filtered water, inverted cane sugar, skim milk, cream, pectin, calcium lactate, apple and/or pear juice from concentrate, natural flavors, citric acid, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), lactic acid, phosphoric acid, purple carrot juice concentrate, purple sweet potato juice extract, grape juice concentrate, beta carotene, , pyridoxine HCL (vitamin B6).

4stars The drink had a nice peach flavor with orange flavored undertones. The dairy in it gives the drink a nice creaminess as well as adding some body to the drink. You have to remember this is not a soda pop or juice, so the mouthfeel of the drink is going to be different than those products. But it’s a nice refreshing difference.

Where to Buy
It was available at Panera Bread, but I don’t think you can find them there any longer. Big Lots is the only place that I know that have them. So if you see them at your local Big Lots, grab them up, as it might be your last chance.