Jones Soda Co. Strawberry Lime

(Last Updated On: March 2, 2010)

Jones Strawberry Lime

This is part of a series of posts on juices and unique drinks that I have come across. Everyone knows the Pepsis and Cokes of this world and many sites cover the wines and beers, but I am bringing to you the rest of the beverage world

When I was getting ready to the my next Jone Soda Company flavor, Strawberry Lime, I thought back to my experience with another berry/tart combo, their Berry Lemonade. That was I thought failed to deliver on the addition of lemon to the berry, so I was partly expecting that same thing again.

4stars Good news, they got it right! This flavor as a sweet strawberry flavor along with a tart undertone of lime. It was one of the best flavors from the Jones Soda Company line. And it is a unique flavor . It is the only strawberry lime soda pop that I know that exists on the market. But if there is another one, it will have to match up to this delight from Jones.

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  1. This beverage can be purchased from the Old 52 General Store in Sabin, MN or online at

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