Julmust I was at IKEA this past weekend, I had spotted a drink in the store called Julmust. It had a Santa Claus looking chracter on the bottle. There was a sign nearby calling it root beer. I decided to grab a couple bottles to check it out. It is indeed a carbonated beverage like root beer, but I thought it had more in common with ginger ale than root beer. It has a bite to it like a ginger ale but not the taste. You find hops and barley malt on the ingredient list.

After doing some research, I discovered the Julmust is a very popular beverage over in Sweden during the Christmas seaon. Nearly every household with experience it’s bite. In fact because of it’s popularity, sales of Coca-Cola in Sweden plumet in December. IKEA as well as Cost Plus World Market are the one places I saw this drink this year.

Now I have to admit this drink wasn’t my cup of tea. It was nice to experience what so many do in Sweden at Christmas time, but it wasn’t a flavor that I really enjoyed. My wife enjoyed it more than I did and she doesn’t like drinks that as sweet as I do. It is something I would buy again even if just for my wife. And I would be willing to see if I can find some made by a different company. I recommend you try it for yourself.

Click here to check out where you might find it in the United States during the 2010 Christmas season.


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