Julmust – A Swedish Christmas Favorite

(Last Updated On: November 9, 2010)

Julmust I was at IKEA this past weekend, I had spotted a drink in the store called Julmust. It had a Santa Claus looking chracter on the bottle. There was a sign nearby calling it root beer. I decided to grab a couple bottles to check it out. It is indeed a carbonated beverage like root beer, but I thought it had more in common with ginger ale than root beer. It has a bite to it like a ginger ale but not the taste. You find hops and barley malt on the ingredient list.

After doing some research, I discovered the Julmust is a very popular beverage over in Sweden during the Christmas seaon. Nearly every household with experience it’s bite. In fact because of it’s popularity, sales of Coca-Cola in Sweden plumet in December. IKEA as well as Cost Plus World Market are the one places I saw this drink this year.

Now I have to admit this drink wasn’t my cup of tea. It was nice to experience what so many do in Sweden at Christmas time, but it wasn’t a flavor that I really enjoyed. My wife enjoyed it more than I did and she doesn’t like drinks that as sweet as I do. It is something I would buy again even if just for my wife. And I would be willing to see if I can find some made by a different company. I recommend you try it for yourself.

Click here to check out where you might find it in the United States during the 2010 Christmas season.

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  1. […] is a very popular Christmas time drink in Sweden. It is a carbonated non-alcoholic drink. Click here to read my review of it from last year. It actually outsells Coke by a long shot during this time […]

  2. Björn Wårdell says:

    Hello !, nice that you have had such an experience possitiv ang julmust one that is very popular here at home is Apotekarnes Julmust!

    In December we drink this in liters then there Easter must is also the same firm during Easter.

    Bjarne julmust is owned by Coca Cola which is a long way from the same

    I must try to encourage you to come to Sweden during the crayfish season when we celebrate it with drink and crayfish, same with midsummer evening when you can see the Swedes dance around the midsummer pole ..

    have a nice day

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