The Dutch Oven

(Last Updated On: November 5, 2009)

This is part of a series of posts on tools that have made my life in the kitchen easier and more productive.

This past Christmas, I received my very first piece of cast iron cookware- a dutch oven. I have found this to be a wonderful device in my kitchen. First off, since it gets hot fast and stays hot, I was able to cook some soup in it, turn the soup off, and when my wife got home we were able to have warm soup. The second thing I have loved about the dutch oven is that I can brown meat in it. I can then transfer it directly to the oven for cooking. Once the meat is done cooking I can then take the leftover liquid and turn it into gravy without havi+ng to pull out another pot. Now that’s what I call versatility! I also like to attach a fry thermometer to it and create for me the perfect deep fryer. One thing I look forward to trying is the opportunity to take it with me camping and use it over the fire.

There are a lot of beautiful dutch ovens out there and if you want to spend the money, feel free. I am happy with my standard black dutch oven made by Lodge. They are the only makers of cast iron cookware in the United States. You can check out their website at:

A lot of people have stopped using cast iron. They were once what everything was cooked in- they were the standard in every kitchen. I am all for them again having a prominent role in my kitchen.