Lady Api Apples

(Last Updated On: November 10, 2011)

You have heard the saying good things come in small packages. I am taking that saying and seeing if it works with the apple variety I am reviewing today. The Lady Api apple has to be the smallest apple that I have tried. This apple is a little smaller than a plum with a plum like shape. The skin is red on the outside and some of the color blends into the flesh, maybe a pink colored flesh, which is quite pretty. People have used these apples as decorations for a long time, leading them to be nicknamed “Christmas Apple”. This apple has been around for a long time, even longer than our country. It was discovered in France during the 1600s.

My Experience with this Apple (Rating Scale 1-10)
Crispiness: 6
Tartness : 7
Apple Flavor: 4
Sweetness: 5
Juiciness: 5

Overall Feeling: A mainly tart apple with some sweetness. It had an average to below average flavor and average when it comes to juiciness. Not something I would buy again, unless I planted to dry it for decorating. Not necessarily a good cooking either, because with the size of these things it would be a lot of work with peeling and coring.

I purchased these apples at Produce Station in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They were grown by Eastman’s Antique Apples.