Lil Snappers – Kid Sized Fruit by Stemilt

(Last Updated On: February 29, 2012)

My kids love their fruit. I never have a problem with them eating enough fruit. The only issue ever is having too much fruit to finish as in an apple or pear that is too big for them to finish. Stores seemed to be attracted to selling large sized fruit, particularly with most of the winter available apples. This isn’t always a good thing for kids. However, Stemilt Fruit Growers are providing the public with another option. They have introduced their Lil Snappers bag. They are apples or pears that are smaller in size. The perfect size for my kids. I have come to trust that the fruit grown by Stemilt growers is going to be of high quality, another plus for this product.

The fruit comes in a resealable bag with a nice handle on it. The bag itself is very colorful featuring fun fruit characters and lady bugs. It is easy to spot in the grocery store. I give their marketing department a round of applause for coming up with this product. Also the price is great. You get 3 pounds of fruit in each bag. I purchased my bags at Mejijer for $2.99, which equals just about $1 pound, making it cheaper than the other apples or pears in the store. So even if you don’t have kids, I would recommend this product as it’s a great value. The price will vary from store to store, so keep that in mind, but even if you find them to be $3.99 a bag, I still recommend them.

Here is a list of varieties you will find in Lil Snappers. Selection will vary based on store and time of year. I have only been able to find 1 or 2 varieties at a time in my Meijer store.

Gala apples
Granny Smith apples
Honeycrisp apples
Pink Lady apples
Pinata apples
D’Anjou pears

Here are some grocery stores that carry Lil Snappers:

Bi Lo
Giant Carlisle
Harris Teeter
Mollie Stones
Pick n Save
Price Chopper
Safeway (in March)
Stop & Shop
Winn Dixie

To learn more about this product, watch the video below:

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  1. You can also get Cara Cara Navels. I picked up a bag of these today. They also have a pack that has the navels and apples in one snack bag.

  2. Eric Samuelson says:

    Yes, I have seen those too.

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