Looking for a New Year’s Diet? Try Alton Brown’s Method!

(Last Updated On: December 28, 2010)

Diet Shortly after Christmas, people’s mind turn from eating to not eating (as in dieting). This is not good for traffic coming to my website! As I encourage people to Eat Like No One Else, I think you should Diet Like No One Else! And this would involve following a plan like Alton Brown of Good Eats fame did to lose weight. His diet isn’t about counting calories, or points or carbs, or anything like that. It’s about eating nutrient rich foods often and limiting yourself when it comes nutrient deficient foods. It’s something that can be maintained without having to do math everyday. The biggest problem with most diets is that they aren’t something you want to stay on long term. That is why I like Alton’s diet. It’s something you can stick to long term and you have a ton of freedom in it. You don’t get the feeling like you are in prison.

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