When Is Meyer Lemon Season

(Last Updated On: February 14, 2016)

Bagged Meyer Lemons

For most of my life, a lemon was just a lemon. A yellow tart fruit that sort of resembles a football. Everything changed when life gave me Meyer lemons. I discovered that not all lemons are equal, not even close. As far as I am concerned the Meyer lemon reigns supreme over all others. I love it’s intense flavor. If something is made with Meyer lemons over your standard lemon varieties, I can taste the difference most of the time. If they were available year round and were always the same price I would buy nothing but Meyer lemons. I am that serious in my love for this lemon. Alas they are not available year round. Good news is that each year I am seeing them for longer stretches of time. I am not ready to call the Meyer lemon a year round option. Keep following along with to learn more about what they are and when you get them.

What is a Meyer Lemon?
The Meyer lemon is a cross between a true lemon and a mandarin or orange – we are not sure. They originated in China and were brought to the U.S. by Frank Meyer – hence the name. The fruit is sweeter than your common lemon, but not sweet enough to just eat out of hand (for that experience check out the Lemonade lemon). The skin of the lemon is thinner and more apt to damage than other lemons. This is why it may have taken the lemon a while to become the commercial hit it is today. We owe a lot of thanks to Martha Stewart for utilizing the fruit in her recipes before they became popular.

When Is Meyer Lemon Season
The California Meyer lemon season begins right at the start of citrus season in November. It lasts all the way through the season into May. There may be brief interruptions based on weather conditions or other situations. Generally you can find them any day between November and May. We are also starting to see more imported fruit during the summer months from places like New Zealand. This has practically made their season year around. In my experience June and October tend to be the months in which they are more difficult to find.

When they are out of season, you can still buy preserved Meyer lemons online. They come in a jar.

How Much Do Meyer Lemons Costs?
Most of the time you will find Meyer lemons coming in 1 pound bags with an grab handle like seen in the photo at the top. Occasionally you will find them sold loose by the pound, but majority of the time in bag. They are more fragile than regular lemons due to their thinner skin, so large stacks of them loose are not a good game plan for retailers. They range in sizes, from small to large. I would say small ones are the most common. Price wise they are more expensive than other lemons. $1.99 to $2.99 per pound are the most common prices I have observed.

Meyer Lemon Fudge

My Recipes Featuring Meyer Lemons
Like I said I love using Meyer lemons in recipes, so I have a quite a few on the blog. Here are a list of my recipes that include Meyer lemons:

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If you are a Meyer lemon lover, leave a comment below, share why you love them so much!