Michigan U-Pick Peach News (7/31/2010)

(Last Updated On: August 28, 2010)

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Many farms are starting to open up now for u-pick peaches. There is nothing like picking a peach when it is perfectly ripe right off the tree. Check out these farms below, so you too can enjoy that experience.

1. Kapnick Orchards located in Britton, MI will be opening for u-pick on Friday, August 6th. They will have Red Haven and Flaming Fury varieties available with Bellaires and late Flaming Furys at the end of August. Their prices are $28.00 a bushel or $15.00 for a half bushel (must pick at least half a bushel). For more information you can call them at (517) 423-7419 or visit their website.

2. Fruit Acres Farm in Coloma, MI are NOW picking Red Haven peaches on July 31 & August 1 or August 8 & 9. They only offer u-pick on the weekends. The price per pound is 75 cents. For more information you can call them at (269) 468-5076 or visit their website.

3. Erie Orchards in Erie, MI will be offering these peaches (cost $1.29/pound) for u-pick on the listed dates:
Early Red Haven – July 30th
Redhaven and Newhaven – August 10th
Glohaven, Canadian Harmony and Jim Dandy – August 15th
Cresthaven and Red Skin – August 25th
For more information you can call them at 734-848-4518 or visit their website.

4. Hazen’s Farm in Howell, MI will be offering u-pick peaches this year, call for availability at (517) 548-1841 or visit their website.

5. Westview Orchards in Washington Township, MI are NOW open for u-pick peaches. They have Red Havens ripe for the picking. For more information you can call them at (866)WVO-4-FUN or visit their website.

6. King Orchards in Kewadin, MI (Grand Traverse area) are NOW picking Garnet Beauty peaches. Red Havens will be available for picking between August 5th and 10th. For more information call them toll free at 877-937-5464 or visit their website.

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