Michigan U-Pick Raspberry News (7/7/2010)

(Last Updated On: August 19, 2010)

rashberry Click here for the most up to date news on u-pick raspberries in Michigan.

In the last couple weeks, raspberries have beginning to show up at my local farmer’s markets. This signals that u-pick opportunities are about to begin. Below you will find a list of updates from u-pick raspberries farms from around Michigan, starting with the county I live in – Washtenaw. As the season progress I will have updates every week or two, so Michigan raspberry lovers, keep coming back to the site.

Washtenaw County
1. Rowe’s Produce Farm started their u-pick raspberries on Tuesday, July 6th. What they had was picked out on the 1st day. Raspberry season lasts a while, so there will be plenty more to pick. Call ahead to see if they are picking again. You can reach them at (734) 482-8538 or visit their website.

2. Makielski Berry Farm (located on Platt Road, south of Michigan Ave) typically begins their berry picking season in mid-July. You can call their info line for more details: (734) 572-0060 or visit their website

Others Parts of Michigan
1. Whittaker’s Berry Farm (6724 Todd Road Ida, MI, 48140) has fall raspberries available starting in mid-August. Their phone number is (734) 269-6612

2. Gruber’s Farm in Williamston (1061 E. Sherwood, Williamston, MI) is saying their fall raspberry picking will begin on Tuesday, August 24th. Their phone number is (517) 655-2901.

3. Swallowtail Farm (1633 Hagadorn Rd, Mason, MI 48854) expect their “Autumn Bitten” variety to be available around the third week of August. Their “Heritage” variety around the 1st of September. Their phone number is (517) 980-6634

I will add more farms to the list as the season continues on.