Michigan vs. Washington : Which Has the Better Apple?

(Last Updated On: December 7, 2009)

I was a fruit and vegetable market last month and I saw on display golden delicious apples for 69 cents a pound. There were two bins of them. One bin were golden delicious from Michigan and the other from Washington. I bought one apple from each bin to test out which one I liked better. Now I know this isn’t exactly a fair test. I live in Michigan, so the apple from Michigan didn’t have to travel nearly as far as the one from Washington. One may wonder if there really is a difference, a golden delicious is a golden delicious. But if you look closely at each apple, you will notice that the Michigan apple has quite a bit more brown around its stem and more pronounced dots on its side than its Washington counterpart. I went to a farm this past fall, than grew Prime Gold apples that were suppose to look more like a Washington golden delicious than a Michigan golden delicious did.

Now onto the important part – taste. Both of them were sweet, but I felt the Michigan one was more so. The Washington version led the way in crispness. But I care more about the sweetness, so this round goes to the Michigan golden delicious, but the debate is not yet over. Maybe I need to take a trip to Washington next year.