What are Murcott Mandarins? When in Season?

Murcott Mandarins
(Last Updated On: January 25, 2017)
Bags of Murcott mandarins. They were going for $1.99 a pound at Whole Foods Market.

Growing up the only thing I knew about mandarins where that they came in only in a can. My mom used to make this dessert that contained canned mandarins, Cool Whip, orange Jell-O, and tapioca pudding. This was my only real experience with mandarins. On how little did I know then. I had no clue there were tons of different varieties of this fruit, that came fresh, not in a can. One of the first varieties I discovered is the Murcott Mandarin. I first encountered it at a Whole Foods in Ann Arbor, MI. The next encounter came during a trip to Southern California. Naturally buying closer to the source I ended up with a better product.

Are Murcott Mandarins Seedless?

Murcott Mandarins 1 Naturally, they are not. If you let the bees pollen the fruit, you will find seeds. They cover the fruit with netting, to help keep the bees out and allow the mandarin to be seedless, althought you still do find a seed or two from time to time. Some varieties of mandarin are naturally seedless, such as the Pixie.

Murcott Mandarins Used as Cuties and Halos

I believe a lot of people either assume Cuties and Halos are their own varieties or that everything in their bags and boxes are Clementines. Neither of these are true. For much of the season, Murcotts are the variety used in those boxes and bags. The change over starts in January/February. Clementines end and the companies that own the brand name Cuties and Halos switch over to using the Murcott.

These Murcott mandarins are super shiny. Some companies put food grade waxes on the outside of the fruit to help keep them from spoiling as well as to draw the eye of the consumer.

Difference Between Murcott and Clementine Mandarins

First their season is different. Clementines come out early, in November. When they are done Murcotts follow. They are different in appearance as well. Murcotts are more squat than Clementines. They have a more flatten oval shape. Also their color is a bit darker orange. After some practice and experience with both varieties I can tell when the switch from Clementines to Murcotts takes place. The packaging itself never seems to indicate which mandarin is inside.

My Feelings on Flavor of the Murcott

Murcott Mandarins 2
They really can be hit or miss. Early in the season they tend to be on the tart side. They tend to sweeter up over time, but often I find that by then the members are tough and the fruit is dry. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be good. The best Murcotts I ever where the ones I got to eat off the tree when I visited a citrus grove in Ojai, California. This was in the month of March, so the fruit had extra time on the tree and was way sweeter and more flavorful than any other Murcott I ever got in the store. It was a true treat.

When are Murcott Mandarins in Season?

You start seeing them in January as loose stem and leaf mandarins – these are mandarins that are packaged with their stem and leaves still attached. The purpose of this is to protect the fruit as well as it for aesthetics. Around the end of January/early February they will begin showing up in bags of Cuties, Halos, and other branded packages of mandarins.

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