Moore Orchards

When I am looking for apple orchards to visit the one requirement I have is that they have either an apple that I really, really love or unique varieties that are hard to find, especially if I haven’t tried them yet. Well I found a gem of an orchard just outside of Midland, Michigan. I got a chance to visit them right before they open up for the season. This orchard will be featured in the 2nd issue of my e-magazine series “Fruits of Their Labor“. For now, let me give you a preview of this orchard and why if you are in the area you should visit it.

Moore Orchards

The orchard is on the property of Terry Moore. He actually lives in a home, tucked back away from the orchard. He is one of the reasons you should visit this orchard. He is the kind of guy who shakes your hand and then gives you a pat on the back. His apple knowledge is astounding. He recognizes each variety in the orchard like they were one of this children. Some of the varieties I got to see on the trees included Honeycrisp, Wolf River, Snow, Sweet 16, Thome Empire, Opalescent, Jonathan, Twenty Ounce, Golden Russett, Blushing Golden, Jonagold, Melrose (state apple of Ohio), Ida Red, Northern Spy, Spigold, Sheepnose, Hooples Antique, Wealthy, Grimes Golden, and Ozark Gold. He has quite the selection of apples, including favorites like Honeycrisp, which Terry affectionately calls “Moneycrisp” as it is bay far his top seller. He also has a wonderful selection of heirloom or heritage varieties that you will never find in the grocery store, including the extra large Twenty Ounce apple that Terry says is the best baking apple you’ll ever find.

Moore Orchards

The photo above is of some newer Honeycrisp plantings.

Moore Orchards

When Terry bought the property, he build an apple haus in front to sell apples as well as donuts, cider and caramel apples. They are located at 1727 Sasse Road in Midland Michigan. In 2015, they are open for the season, starting Friday, October 2nd from 9 to 5. They will be open every Friday and Saturday through the month of October. The apples they will have available on opening day include: Honeycrisp, Cortlands, Macintosh, Sweet Sixteen, Twenty Ounce, Snow, Jonathan, Wolf River, Pitmaston Pineapple, Gala and Golden Russet. For more information visit their website, facebook page, or call them at (989) 832-3560.

Enjoy these photos below from the orchard and watch out for the 2nd issue of “Fruits of Their Labor” featuring Moore Orchards.

Moore Orchards

Moore Orchards

Moore Orchards


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