Nantucket Nectars Pressed Apple Juice

(Last Updated On: March 8, 2010)

Nantucket Nectar Apple

This is part of a series of posts on juices and unique drinks that I have come across. Everyone knows the Pepsis and Cokes of this world and many sites cover the wines and beers, but I am bringing to you the rest of the beverage world.

“We’re juicy guys” is the saying of the good people who produce Nantucket Nectars. And in this case, that juice is 100% juice, nothing added. In this review, I am looking at their apple juice. It is nothing but apple juice. It’s made from pressed apples, not from concentrate. So you get the purest apple taste you can get in a bottle.

3stars This is a good apple juice. I prefer apple cider over apple juice. I think cider has much more flavor and character to it. But for an apple juice this is a good, not a great one. It has a balance of sweet and tart in it. I think it’s a little more tart than most store brand apple juices.