New Minute Maid Orange Juice – Now Pure Squeezed

(Last Updated On: December 9, 2011)

It is hard to beat orange juice that you freshly squeeze yourself. That is my preferred method of drinking OJ. However, I don’t want to pay the price for out of season oranges, so I will settle for buying orange juice already squeezed. One of the popular nation brands, I have always felt that Minute Maid was the worst. They recently came out with their new Pure Squeezed line. Besides the pacakage change from cardboard carton to a see through carafe, they are now using juice that was never from concentrate. I am not sure if they have completely gotten rid of the old cardboard carton type, but at least my grocery store had replaced it with the new Pure Squeezed edition.

I decided to give them the brand another try. I think they definitively have improved their juice. It does taste closer to fresh squeezed. I don’t think it’s as good as Florida’s Natural orange juice, which is the best national brand in my opinion.

I did some searching around on Minute Maid’s website and found that they say the juice is gently pasteurized.
I do not know if this phrase is defined by the FDA, my best guess is that they are saying that they slowly heat up the juice to kill anything nasty that could be in it. A lot of places will ultra pasterized their juice and dairy products, and this is heating the product up to at least 161 degrees. The downside is that the heat ruins the flavor.

Have you tried Minute Maid’s new OJ? I leave a comment below, I would love to hear your thoughts.