Northern Spy Apples The state of Washington is known for it’s apples. But not every great apple comes from there. Us on the east side of the country are proud of our Northern Spy apple. This apple popular in Michigan, Ontario, and New York has been around since 1800, when it was first discovered in the state of New York. It has become one of the most sought after pie apples on the market. There are reports that Northern Spy has one of the largest antioxidants levels of any apple.

The harvest time for this apple is around the end of September to the beginning of October. It is also stores very well, so you can stock up and makes pies to keep you warm all winter long. The drawback to this apple for the grower is that it can take a long time for the trees to start bearing fruit. Also there can be years in which the trees don’t even produce any fruit. I know of one such farm that didn’t have any Northern Spy apples available this year.

My Experience with this Apple (Rating Scale 1-10)
Crispiness: 3
Tartness : 7
Apple Flavor: 7
Sweetness: 3
Juiciness: 5

Overall Feeling: These are awesome baking apples. Not so awesome for straight up eating. They are not sweet or crisp enough. My wife really did not like their texture. But the flavor she enjoyed. There are so many other great out of hand eating apples, just I would use these apples for what they are famous for, apple pie (or any other baked apple dessert).

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