Orondo Ruby Cherries

Last year I had my first white/gold flesh cherry – the Rainier. I like that they don’t stain your hands like darker varieties of cherries do. This week, I discovered a new variety of cherries that has all the advantages of the Rainier and more. This variety is called Orondo Ruby. It was actually discovered within a Rainier cherry orchard near Orondo, Washington in 2001. Marcus Griggs was the one who discovered them. This new variety was discovered when Marcus noticed that the cherries on one of his trees were ripening early and were a more vibrant red.

What is the Difference Between Orondo Ruby and Rainier Cherries?

As for taste, Orondo Rubies are sweeter than the Rainier. In fact their sugar level or brix is said to be up to 20% more than the Rainier! They are big and juicy as well. A definitely upgrade over the Rainier, that appeared to just naturally happen!

Orondo Ruby cherries are grown by G&C Farms. They are planting more and more trees each year to bring this cherry to a wider market. They hit the grocery stores sometime in late June to early July. I found them at a Kroger store in Ann Arbor, Michigan on July 25th. They were packaged under the Private Selection label. I have also heard they are available at QFC stores in the Pacific Northwest. If anyone else finds them, please leave a comment below, telling us the store and the city.


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  1. Marie says:

    I found some at the Buford Highway Farmer’s Market in Atlanta, GA in excellent condition. Only a couple of bruised ones.

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