Pearson Bros Root Beer

(Last Updated On: March 21, 2011)

Pearson Bros Root Beer Who are the Pearson Bros of San Francisco? My research did not come up with any answers. All I have is a quote from one of the Pearson Brothers, Matt. He says in the San Franciso Chroncile “`Root beer should be lightly carbonated, like a microbrew. It shouldn’t boil off the tongue like Coke,”. This brew is inside of a clear glass bottle featuring the Golden Gate Bridge in black. This root beer has been sweetened with high fructose corn syrup.

3stars This is a good root beer, but nothing unique about it. It is easily forgotten with all the other root beers I have reviewed. It does have some things going for it, like a little bit of spiciness to it, a slight winter green taste, and the carbonation is good, it doesn’t burn the tongue like Coke as Matt Pearson says. I enjoyed drinking this, but I wouldn’t necessarily seek it out again.

Where to Buy
I purchased mine at Straub’s Fine Grocers in St. Louis, MO. It should be easy to find in the Bay Area, where it is made.

Old 52 General Store You can also purchase it online via the Old 52 General Store. They carry over 300 varieties of glass bottled soda. Their physical store is located in Sabin, Minnesota.