Place to Buy Heirloom Seeds (with Free Shipping!)

(Last Updated On: January 7, 2011)

planet-natural-logo While doing some research this morning, I came across Planet Natural’s website. They are a company that sells natural and organic products for your home, lawn, and garden. They sell only heirloom seeds. What is the big deal about heirloom seeds? They have been used for years because of their quality. They might have great flavor, or grow well or are beautiful to look at. They have not been genetically engineered in any way. You are not likely to find anything grown from heirloom seeds in your grocery store. The grocery store is out to make money, so they want the best looking, longest shelf life, most productive, cheapest produce they can get. Flavor does not usually make the list. If you ate grocery store tomatoes your whole life you would never know the difference between them and home grown heirloom tomatoes.

If you are looking to buy some heirloom seeds for your garden this year, check out Planet Natural’s website. They have a great selection with everything from peppers to kale to melons. And the best part is that all heirloom seeds are shipped for FREE!