Planting Marigolds Has Kept Rabbits Off My Tomato Plants

(Last Updated On: April 24, 2012)

The most frustrating thing for a gardener is when you got through all the hard work of planting something and then you wake up the next morning to find that a critter decided to turn your hard work into a midnight snack. One of the biggest problems can be rabbits. Oh they may be cute but when it comes to your garden they are pure evil. So what is a person to do? The last two years I have been planting my tomatoes in the same place in our yard. The first year I decided to plant marigolds with them, just for that pop of color. It was all about making the area nice. Now what I noticed is that nothing ever touched my tomato plants. Not once did I find a leaf that was chewed on even in the slightest. And it’s not that the bunnies just went away, trust me they aren’t hard to find around my house.

When last year began I decided that I better plant marigolds again. I didn’t want to risk not planting them and having the rabbits attack what I just planted. And you can bet that I won’t take my chances this year either.

Now there is some debate on whether this actually works. I have read people saying that marigolds won’t kept animal pests away from your plants. Could there be another reason, maybe? I know a thing or two about gardening but I am far from being considered a master gardener. But in my experience they have never touched any plants I planted next to the marigolds and this is why I will continue to practice this. It’s worth a try if you have are having trouble with rabbits. At the least you will have some pretty flowers.

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  1. My parents have surrounded their gardens with marigolds since I can remember(as far back as 1960s). Their strategy was more for insects including cutting worms and misquitos than for small animal. There is no harm in planting the lovely plants even if it is an old tale. Your tomatos look great as do the marigolds. Thanks for sharing. Diane

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