Ham_clipart Ham is a choice of many households, whether it be for Christmas or Easter dinner. What is not to love about something that will feed a lot of people and can be had for $1-2 per pound. The supermarkets are packed full of different types of ham. You may see them advertising a ham that has no bones. If you see such a ham, run for your life! I do not recommend purchasing such a ham. Why, I have my reasons, and here they are:

1. This is a point that Alton Brown made on an episode of Good Eats, if the ham is boneless what is holding the meat together? This meat has been reconstituted and chemicals that I cannot pronounce are what holds it together. No thanks. People are attracted to these hams because they have no bones, so carving is simple. It’s also easier for me to eat grass then to grow mine own vegetables, so why not do that? If you are only going to cook a ham, once or twice a year, then you should be looking for the best option that fits into your budget and will please your taste buds.

2. Bones add flavor. Cooking a ham with the bone-in will simply result in a more flavorful ham.

3. Bones are useful! One of the best things about buying a bone-in ham is using the bone in soup the next day. Don’t miss out on this culinary treat by buying a ham lacking a bone.

Hopefully after reading my reasons, I have encourage you to steer clear of the boneless ham and go for a ham with real possibilities. If you are interested in learning more about the differences in other types of ham, check out my post on this topic. Also you can read my review of Alton Brown’s City Ham recipe.


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