Restaurant Impossible Follow-Up | Georgia Boy Cafe (Hagerstown, MD)

(Last Updated On: November 27, 2013)

Ducky's Resturant Impossible

Problems Robert Had to Address
1. Two owners who are struggling to stay on the same page.
2. No theme in the decor
3. Dirty front and back of the house
4. Canned green beans
5. Service that can be slow

For all the work they did not put into the look of the place, they do have a really nice looking website, something that looks professional and polished, not just thrown together. Make sure to take a look.

The Recipes
Fried Chicken | Print the recipe
One of the challenges they were fasting is the slow service to get out their fried chicken. They wanted cook fresh and that is admirable. They did have the chicken turn out moist, which Robert was pleased with. In order to speed up the process, Robert has them cook the chicken in the oven first so that it is ready to go for the fryer when service time comes. Besides that there isn’t anything else to this recipe.

Tempura Crawfish | Print the recipe
Another fried option is the Tempura Crawfish. Tempura batters are suppose to be lighter. It is served with a sauce of green onions, corn, and mayo.

Collard Greens Bubble and Squeak | Print the recipe
They wanted to have classic Southern comfort food so of course you had to have collards. This recipe combines collards and potatoes and makes them into cakes that are pan-fried. The collards are cooked in stock, apple juice, and bacon.

All of these dishes still seem to be on the menu, whether or not they are true to the way Robert waned them is a whole another question.

Restaurant Impossible Still Open
Whenever I see a resturant have the kind of cleaning problems this place had, I never feel very confident that the place will succeed. I am sure some people will be put off by the dirtiness of the restaurant and as with all RI re-dos the bathrooms are not included, so I have to wonder if Georgia Boy Cafe’s bathrooms are still that way.

Have you been to this restaurant, what did you think?

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