Restaurant Impossible Follow-Up — Off Street Cafe (Cerritos, CA)

(Last Updated On: April 12, 2012)

On this episode of Restaurant Impossible, Robert Irvine is headed to California to help out the Off Street Cafe. This restaurant once was a good money maker. The owners were able to pay off their initial loan and make $50,000 a year a piece. But now they are in debt to what they originally started at. Robert is there to help them turn their free fall around.

Off Street Cafe | Click here for the restaurant’s website

This place has numerous problems that probably developed over time. One of the owner has had several foot surgeries and that has keep her away from the restaurant at times. The other co-owner is struggling to lead her staff as well as not being able to control her food cost. Speaking of the food it was nothing to write home about. The decor itself wasn’t the worst in the history of this, however it still needed an upgrade.

One of the restaurant’s biggest problems was with the ordered of their food. The co-owner ordered the same thing every week without really paying attention to what was selling. Plus they had a menu that was too large so they had to keep more things in stock. I think this is a problem we can have at home too. We go to to store with a lot of big ideas that we don’t follow through with during the week and food ends up heading to the trash. That is why I try to plan on a rough idea of what I will have for dinner each night, so that I don’t overbuy. I keep my plans flexible in case something comes up.

The Recipes

California Fish and Chips | Click here for the recipe
A basic fish recipe using Panko bread crumbs in the breading. Simple but I bet delicious, if executed properly.

Fish Tacos with Corn Salsa | Click here for the recipe
Another fish recipe, this time in taco form. He recommend halibut or another white fish.

The restaurant is still in business. They have keep some of Robert’s changes on the menu. I saw the panko breaded fish still on the menu. The experience seem to be pretty positive overall. It’s easier to help out a place that was at one time profitable under the current ownership.

The reviews I read online from websites like Yelp were pretty decent. A lot of people liked the place and those that complained didn’t seem to think it was the worst place they have ever been to.

The restaurant is open every day, but only on Friday are they open late for dinner. If you have been there since the makeover I would love to hear what you think.

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