Restaurant Impossible Follow-Up — University Grill (Burlington, NC) Closes

(Last Updated On: June 25, 2013)

In this episode, Robert headed to the college town of Burlington, North Carolina. Home of Elon University and also the University Grill. This restaurant is owned by siblings, who are having trouble getting along as well as making some money.

University Grill | Click here for restaurant’s facebook page

The University Grill took over what was once Nick’s Cafe in 2007. Business seem to start out good but declined as time went on. Eleni, one of the owners was struggling to get along with her brothers and one of them stepped aside. Things went south from there. Her stubbornness seem to be a major source of the problem. She wanted to do things her way and didn’t seem open to suggestions. When one becomes unteachable ,disaster usually follows. But at least she reached out for some help.

The food was a big problem in the restaurant. It just wasn’t good. Also the buffet they were using was not keeping food at the proper temperature, which could potential make someone sick. Understanding food temperatures is just as important for the home cook. Don’t leave warm food setting out too long. Never go beyond 2 hours. Leftovers should be put in the fridge as soon as they have cooled down enough not to warm up everything in the fridge. I also recommend having a thermometer in your fridge to make sure it’s working right.

The Recipes

Spiced Aeoli | Click here for the recipe Mayo, hot sauce, roasted garlic, vinegar and herbs are used to make this sauce.

Pan Seared Salmon with Haricot Verts Potato Salad | Click here for the recipe Robert encouraged them to give fresh salmon a try. It served with a hot “salad” of potatoes, haricot verts (french green beans) with some additional seasonings. If you haven’t tried french green beans, they are slender beans with very small seeds inside. If you are into gardening you might want to try growing them as I have in the past (click here to learn more)

Lamb Poppers | Click here for the recipe These are jalapeno peppers stuffed with ground lamb, wrapped in bacon, served with the previously mentioned aioli.

No longer in business as of June 2013. They released this message on their facebook page: “The Fotiou family would like to thank all of our family, friends and customers for the many years of support. We have sold the business, so that we may devote more time to our families and loved ones. We have enjoyed serving you!!”

According to an article in the Times-News, a new Italian restaurant will be taking over the space. The owner, Elon has a new 8-5 job that allows her to be at home at night with her kids. She decided family was more important and she was spending way too much time at the restaurant.

If you want more Robert Irvine recipes, here are some of his available cookbooks:

This cookbook contains 111 recipes many with complete timelimes and several that are gluten free. An example of the kind of recipes you will find are Lime-Cured Shrimp and Roasted Corn Chowder, Porcini-Dusted Pork Chops with Cremini Mushrooms and Golden Raisins over Horseradish-Scented Potatoes.

In this book Robert shares his personal stories (including cooking for First Lady Laura Bush) and cooking philosophy. There are also recipes to be had like Black Angus Beef Tartare with Toasted Brioche and Fried Quail Egg, Roasted Duck with White Bean Ragout.

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  1. Hmm where to start …. the university grill things was running smooth after the show had aired…. but the past few months can’t say the same .Elanie (the the one who wanted to spend time with her family) hasan gotten a full time job during the day but is at the grill every night. They have cut their hrs of operation. They even brought back the buffet a big Robert NO NO. The wait staff gives food an beer away. Complain bout each other on the floor. The place turned into a dump I hate to even say I have a friend who works there. The stories I have been told no id never eat there. The floorsare nasty never mopped I once sat at a table that was propped up with feminine wipes !! The place has no class it should be shut down

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