Resturant Impossible Follow-Up – Maniaci’s Italian Bistro (Mohnton, Pa)

(Last Updated On: February 3, 2014)

A familiar story that is still sad everytime you hear it. A family restaurant that lost it’s heart and soul when mom passed away from cancer. Now three brother has been struggling for the last 3 years to keep the business going. It’s these kinds of places that I really like to see get help. Overcome the death of a loved one is never easy. I am sure some tough love will be needed to help bring this restaurant back to it’s money making days.

Maniaci’s Italian Bistro | Click here for their facebook page

Problems Robert Had to Address

1. Dark and dirty dinning room
2. A lack of one clear leader
3. A stubborn owner who defenses his bad food even when his wife doesn't
4. The bartender brother who on occasion got drunk with the customers

The biggest problem with this restaurant is clear. The owner who is in charge of the food won’t listen to anyone around him telling him that his food is bad. He just can’t believe it. It did make for one of the funniest moments in the history of the show when even his wife said she hates the house dressing! It really doesn’t matter if he likes the food. Unless he can pay himself for his own food, then his customers must like the food. But he might be the biggest problem but not the only problem. There isn’t one clear leader and the employees don’t seem to know who to take direction from.

The Recipes

Branzino with Roasted Tomatoes, Olive Oil Poached Mushrooms | Print the recipe

Branzino is a type of fish. It is served with roasted tomatoes and poached mushrooms.

Chicken Parmesan | Print recipe

The dish you find at every Italian restaurant. I am sure Robert has taught this dish to multiple restaurants.

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Not a whole lot of information available online. Maybe because Mohnton, PA is not exactly a big happening place with a population under 3,000. I do know they are still open as their facebook page indicates that. I was only able to find a couple reviews online. Two reviewers both said similar things, that they the place was good before but even better after Robert paid his visit. I wonder if these two people like the house dressing?

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This cookbook contains 111 recipes many with complete timelimes and several that are gluten free. An example of the kind of recipes you will find are Lime-Cured Shrimp and Roasted Corn Chowder, Porcini-Dusted Pork Chops with Cremini Mushrooms and Golden Raisins over Horseradish-Scented Potatoes.

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