So for the sake of reviewing some Thanksgiving Food Network shows, I watched an episode of Rachel Ray’s 30 Minute Meals. I admit I am not a fan of her cooking, she never seems to make anything that I would really like. In this episode, she is focusing on using Thanksgiving leftovers with her turkey pot pie and honey mustard dressed greens.

Turkey Pot Pie with Cranberry-Orange Corn Muffin Topping | Click here for the recipe
Rachel created a huge pot pie using leftover turkey, any leftover veggies she had along with some whole cranberry sauce and the addition of some walnuts. She did give a couple useful tips. First one on storing her nuts in the freezer. The oils in the nuts can cause them to go bad if you don’t keep them stored properly. The second one was to use the entire celery in the pot pie. Don’t just cut off the tops and throw them out. The top have a lot of flavor to, maybe even more than the rest of the celery.

Now one thing I don’t understand about this recipe is why she is calling it cranberry-orange corn muffin topping. It’s polenta! It’s not a corn muffin. Just drop the words “corn muffin” and call it turkey pot pie with cranberry-orange polenta topping. Originally I thought she was making cranberry-orange corn muffins in this show, which my wife was interested in.

Honey Mustard Dressed Greens with Apple and Pear | Click here for the recipe
In this recipe, she wanted to use up leftover fruit she would have from Thanksgiving. She serves a fruit platter before the meal, sounds like a good idea. For the greens she used arugula, but also recommended romanine hearts or any mixed greens. In her dressing she used apple cider vinegar, honey, whole-grained mustard, and olive oil.

I am not really planning to try any of these recipes, but I always find it useful to learn what other people are doing, could be helpful at some point.


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