Review of Good Eats – Orange Aid

(Last Updated On: January 14, 2011)

good_eats_logo Since we are in the heart of citrus season, I thought it would be a good time to go back and look at a classic Good Eats episode from a couple seasons ago. This one is all about oranges. Alton begins this show by classifying oranges into 4 categories.

1. Juicing oranges
2. Naval oranges (such as Cara Cara)
3. Sour oranges
4. Blood oranges

Making Orange Juice
Now one of the most common uses for oranges is of course orange juice. Alton gives his opinion on 3 different types of juicers. First is the electric juicer, which he doesn’t like for citrus because the pulp just gets in the way. Second, is a electric reamer, which he also doesn’t like. He thinks it doesn’t do a good enough job and it is a “pain in the hand”. I have juiced a large number oranges with an electric reamer before and afterward my hand hurt for the rest of the day. Third, is the one he likes a lever juicer. It gets out the juice, without killing your hand. I don’t know the exact model he used, but below you will find a link to lever juicer.

Orange Delicious (Julius)
As a kid, I loved going to a mall and getting an Orange Julius. Now I can make them myself. Alton gives a recipe for an Orange Delicious (can’t call it a Julius, don’t want to get sued!). I used this recipe before, with wonderful results (I plan to do a full review of the recipe, shortly). The unique thing is that he uses powdered sugar instead of granulated sugar. Powdered sugar will dissolve quicker and it contains corn starch which will help keep the mixture from clubbing and provide a nice, foamy head.

Click here for the full recipe.

Orange Sherbet | Click here for my full recipe review
Alton Brow takes orange sherbet out of the punch bowl and into your ice cream bowl. This is a delicious orange sherbet, best I have ever eaten. You want to use fresh orange juice for the best quality sherbet.

Click here for the full recipe.

Orange Marmalade
This is the only recipe in this show that I haven’t tested out now. But I will now that I have good canning equipment and a mandolin to slice up the oranges. Alton recommends using Seville oranges if you can find them. They are a sour orange with a short season, so if you see them, snatch them up fast. I have found them in high end specialty grocery stores.

Click here for the full recipe.

Overall, this was wonderful episode, full of great recipes that are a perfect way to be creative with fruit, when all of the fruit in my area is out of season.

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