Review of Wendy’s New Natural Cut Fries

(Last Updated On: December 8, 2010)

Wendys Natural Cut Fries Normally on this website I do not make any mention of restaurant food. But I am going to make an exception just this once. I do not eat out very much, only when traveling or when family is around. One thing that frustrates about sit down and fast food joints is that they don’t have sea salt. I cannot stand regular iodized table salt. To me is has a nasty flavor and just makes everything taste salty. Sea salt enhances the natural flavor of the food it touches. It doesn’t need to scream out “I am here” like table salt does. So I think restaurant food (especially fast food) would be so much better if they offered sea salt at the table or put it in the food to begin with. Last night I was happy to see a fast food company take my advice. I saw a commercial for Wendy’s advertising their new natural-cut fries with sea salt. To make the fries they slice up Russet potatoes and they leave on the skin, which I like. After frying they get a sprinkling of sea salt.

I found a coupon online for some free fries, so I headed over to Wendy’s this evening to give these fries a try. I have to say that Wendy’s now has the best fast food fries among the national chains. They don’t taste salty. The sea salt gives a punch to the flavor of the potato. So if you must have some fries, try Wendy’s new ones. I hope this is successful for Wendy’s and that other fast food joints follow suit.

To get your own coupon for free fries, visit this Wendy’s facebook link.