Review: Wholesome Choice Foods – Irvine, CA

(Last Updated On: March 7, 2011)

Wholesome Choice I have been by this store on my previous trips to California, but never got a chance to stop in. Now as a food blogger I made a point to stop in. This is a pretty good sized grocery store that was packed full of people around lunch time. Even thought there were plenty of customers, there were plenty of cashiers, so check out was fast and easy. One of the big reasons this place is packed out at lunch is that it contains a huge food court, bigger than anything I have seen in a grocery store before. The food court offers food from all over the world. They offer Persian, Lebanese, Mediterranean, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Mexican, and American cuisines. The food court is not the only place to get food from all over the world. The store is focused on offering hard to find international foods, that other stores just don’t carry. One of the most interesting items I found was a carbonated yogurt drink, which I didn’t feel up to trying myself.

In order for a grocery store to be good in my eyes it must have great produce. And this store does. They have a big selection without big prices. Their sales prices are as good as anything I have seen. It’s worth the trip just for fresh fruits & vegetables, let only getting to buy and taste new foods from all over the world. Wholesome Choice Foods has 2 locations, the one I visited in Irvine as well as one further north in Anaheim Hills.

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