Selecting (Where to Buy) Pole Bean Seeds

(Last Updated On: January 10, 2011)

polebeans2 Beans are one of the simplest things to grow. I recommend them as the first vegetable for a first time gardener. But once you have mastered the bush bean, it’s time to move on to pole beans. They aren’t hard to grow at all, but they are a step up from bush beans, as you have to provide support for them to grow on. Why bother growing pole beans? Check out my reasons below.

Reasons for Growing Pole Beans over Bush Beans
1. Space
Since pole beans grow verticially they take up a lot less space than bush beans do.

2. Easier to Pick
Once again that vertical growth makes the bean easier to get it without having to bend over and search through the leaves.

3. Taste?
I have heard many people say that the pole beans simply taste better than bush beans.

Sources to Buy Pole Beans
Below you will find a list of some great sources you can get pole bean seeds from. There are a lot of options out there, so it’s good to do some research before you buy.

1. Fortex (7-11″) $3.95/packet
2. Garden of Eden (broad, flat pods, 6″ long) $3.95/packet
3. Marvel of Venice (Yellow, Italian style, 8-9″ long) $3.95/packet
4. Northeaster (Roma-type bean, grows to 8″ long) $3.95/packet

1. White Half Runner (4 1/2″ long) $3.95/2 oz packet
2. Blue Lake (6″ long, stringless) $3.25/2 oz packet
3. Fortex (anywhere between 6 to 11″ long) $5.50/2 oz packet
4. Kentucky Blue (7″ long) $3.95/2 oz packet
5. Kentucky Wonder (8″ meaty pods) $3.25/2 oz packet
6. Romano (6″ stringless, flat pod) $3.25/2 oz packet

John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds
1. Blue Lake (4-7″ long) $2.95/packet of about 150 seeds
2. Emerite Filet (filet or haricot vert bean that is also a pole bean) $4.95/packet of about 60 seeds
3. Tamara (flattned, oval, Romano-type bean, can grow to a foot long) $3.95/packet of about 50 seeds
4. Purple Podded (5″ to 7″ long and purple!) $3.45/packet of 75 seeds
5. Orient Wonder (can grow to as long as 36″!, but best at 18″) $4.45/packet of 175 seeds