Sky Valley Oranges at Trader Joe’s

(Last Updated On: January 20, 2016)

Sky Valley Heirloom Navels

Attention all Trader Joe’s fans!

**DISCLAIMER** Yes if you look closely at the picture above that is from Whole Foods, but just go with me here, I didn’t have my camera last time I was at Trader Joe’s.

There is something that you must be looking out for on your trip to TJ’s. Head straight to the produce aisle as fast as if you really needed to go to the bathroom. Get your eyes peeled for bag of oranges labeled Sky Valley. Immediately put in cart. Grab an extra bag or two for your neighbor.

Why the franctic rush to get these oranges? Well in most cases I say this isn’t your grandma’s orange, but in fact it is your grandma’s orange (even your grandpa too). These are heirloom Navel oranges that are the must buy orange of the season. Let me tell you why.

1. Flavor
This is what an orange is suppose to taste like. This is what I wish all grocery store oranges taste like. These Navel oranges are the original Navel that made California famous as an orange growing state. They are grown with the same sour orange root stock. They take the bottom of a sour orange tree plant and graft a branch from a Navel orange tree on it. This is how you get more Navels since they are seedless and can’t reproduce themselves. Growing them with this root stock produces a better tasting fruit than what most commercial growers have turned to.

2. Easier to Peel
I find these Sky Valley Navel oranges are easier to peel than most of the other Navels. The skin is thinner, which is a trait not as desirable for shipping purposes or shelf life.

3. Affordable
Going at Trader Joe’s for $3.99 or 399 pennies for a 4 pound bag. Practically one dollar per pound. Yeah you might be able to find some Navels even cheaper, but $1 a pound for fruit is a great deal.

4. Quality
Every time I buy a bag I know I am going to get high quality fruit. They have never let me down. You are getting a brand you can trust. Other companies I find that it can be a crap shoot where or not the oranges are going to be any good. This are a safe bet.

Next time your driving by Trader Joe’s and it’s January through April, don’t just drive by. Get the best tasted Navel oranges. Make sure to chuckle to yourself at those poop people buying the regular Navels (or be nice and let them in on your secret!)