Sprecher Cherry Cola Review – Best Cherry Cola

(Last Updated On: June 13, 2017)

Sprecher Cherry Cola Review Better than Cherry Coke I am someone who likes their carbonated beverages without caffeine. I have no need or want for the caffeine. The difficult part is that some drinks like colas are not often found to be caffeine free. It is even more rare to find a cherry cola that is caffeine free. That is why I was excited when I got to pick up some Sprecher Cherry Cola. It is caffeine free. We talked about what it doesn’t contain how about what it does. Here is what it says around the neck of the 16 oz glass bottle: “Sprecher Cherry Cola is a masterful blend of Wisconsin’s own Door County cherry juice, raw honey, the finest cola extract, and a handful of select spices cooked to perfection in our gas-fired brew kettles then lightly carbonated for refreshment that tickles the taste buds with an array of pleasing flavors. One sip and we’re sure you’ll agree – cherry cola has never tasted this good!”.

5stars This caffeine free soda is anything but flavor free. This is a wonderful cola with a complementing cherry flavor. I love that they used real cherry juice. They even told us where the cherry juice came from (Door County in Wisconsin). I also love the use of honey to sweeten it. It just adds another slight dimensional of flavor. Just as advertised the light carbonated makes it very refreshing. I wish every soda pop was carbonated this well. I can’t think of one bad thing to say about this drink. By far the best cherry cola I have ever had.

Where to Buy Sprecher Cherry Cola

Sprecher makes several outstanding flavors, but the Cherry Cola is not as easy to find as some of the others. But I have seen it in several stores in Michigan: Holiday Market (Royal Oak), Plum Market, Holiday Market (Canton), The Produce Station (Ann Arbor). I heard that you can buy them at Menard’s stores. Trying to find in your area? Leave a comment and I will try and locate it for you.

7 Replies to “Sprecher Cherry Cola Review – Best Cherry Cola”

  1. Agreed, this is by far the best cherry cola I’ve ever had! If you can find it, buy it, you won’t be disappointed.

  2. I have been drinking Sprecher Cherry Cola (SCC)for about 2 months now. Today, I received a case of these wonderful concoctions because I’m a huge fan.

    It takes me way back to the days when my Dad would take me to the bar and order a coke with marachino (sp?) cherry juice poured into it…..but better!

  3. Sylvia Salsbury says:

    Any way I can find this to buy in Pinellas Co. in Florida? Thanks

  4. Can you look for it in el paso TX

  5. looking for cherry cola in walled lake Michigan 🙂

  6. A random dude says:

    They carry all the flavors at Menards.

  7. Eric Samuelson says:

    Sweet! I didn’t realize Menards carried them. Thanks for letting me know.

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