Stewart’s Root Beer

(Last Updated On: April 4, 2011)

Stewart's Root Beer Soda pop in glass bottles has been around for years. But it became less popular, as manufacturers turned to plastic and aluminium. We are starting to see a comeback of glass bottles in recent years. Glass bottles don’t loss their carbonation, like plastic and aluminum do over time. Typically the latter ones are over carbonated so they don’t go completely flat quickly. The first time I can remember having a carbonated beverage out of a glass bottle was at a Cracker Barrel. I use to order Stewart’s Root Beer when I would go there on vacations. They would bring out the glass bottle along with a frosted mug to pour it into. I remember really liking it.

Back in February, I was at 99 Cent Only Store in California and saw a cheap bottle of Stewart’s Root Beer. Since I hadn’t reviewed it for the website, I grabbed a bottle. So how did it live up to the memories?

3stars Not as good as I remember. Now that I have tasted so many more root beers, Stewart’s is just an average one. I would rather have it over a A&W or any store brand root beer, but it doesn’t match up with some of the premium root beers I have reviewed for this site. It’s a pretty straight forward root beer. It tastes good, but there isn’t anything particularly special about it.

Where to Buy
I purchased mine at the 99 Cent Only Store in Lake Forest, California. You can find Stewart’s all over the country. Last time I checked Cracker Barrel was still selling it.

Old 52 General Store Old 52 General Store sells 7 flavors of Stewart’s online. They carry over 300 varieties of glass bottled soda. Their physical store is located in Sabin, Minnesota.