Sweet Jubilee – A Flavor Promise Grape

(Last Updated On: September 5, 2014)

Sweet Jubliee Flavor Promise Grapes

We are a seedless country. As a nation we don’t like seeds in our fruit. We want seedless oranges, seedless mandarins, seedless watermelon, seedless grapes, etc. I even had someone ask me if the cherries she was looking at were seedless (not holding my breath for the seedless cherry). Really are seeded grapes so bad, so evil that we need to avoid them like the plague? If you are a seedless only shopper, I challenge you to give seeded a chance, especially when it comes from grapes from Grapery. You trusted them with grapes that taste like Cotton Candy, can’t you trust them with grapes that have a couple seeds? They do come with a Flavor Promise!

Sweet Jubilee – A Flavor Promise Grape

The latest grape from Grapery’s Flavor Promise line I got to try was the Sweet Jubilee. This is a black seeded grape that is very large in size. My daughter Hannah was amazed at how big these grapes were. They were firm as well. If you hate when you buy a bag of grapes and they are soft, you will definitely not be disappointed with Sweet Jubilee. The bag was full of high quality grapes, not even a single grape had come off the vine. Usually when you buy a bag of grapes there are loose ones in the bottom. They are in season for a short time between mid August and early September.

Sweet Jubilee Flavor Promise Grapes

Due to the large size of this grape, the seeds are very easily managed. You can either easily spit out the seeds or cut open the grape and remove them before eating. They have average about 2 to 3 seeds even had some with just a single seed.

Does this grape deliverer in the Flavor Promise? You bet it does. I have never been disappointed with any grape from Grapery. This is a seriously sweet black grape that is worth having to deal with seeds. If you like Red Globe grapes you are going to be one happy camper with Sweet Jubilee. Check for these grapes were Grapery grapes are sold.

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