Tasty Rich Apriums – 75% Apricot, 25% Plum, 100% Tasty

(Last Updated On: May 9, 2012)

We interchange the names “mandarin” and “tangerine” depending on our mood. Even the stone fruit world has it’s own names that can leave you confused. I have seen the rise in recent years of pluots – a plum/apricot hybrid. But have you ever had an aprium? Isn’t that just another way to combine the names “plum” and “apricot”? Well actually there is a difference. An aprium is genetically 75% apricot and 25% plum. I had my first ever aprium this week. The variety was called Tasty Rich.

Unlike plutos, apriums are available early on in the season. I got mine at Produce Station in Ann Arbor, MI on Monday, May 7th. They were grown in California.

My Experience with this Aprium (Rating Scale 1-10)

Overall Feeling: I rather enjoyed this piece of stone fruit. It was sweet, but as the skin breaks down in your mouth, a tartness hits (there is the plum’s contribution) the taste buds that gives it a nice balance. It was pretty juicy as well, so be careful not to launch juice across the room as you bit into it. The pit was very easy to remove. Overall a great experience, look forward to trying other aprium varieties.