The “Alton Brown Diet” – How Alton Lost the Weight

(Last Updated On: February 29, 2012)

If anyone has seen Alton Brown lately, you may have noticed that he has dropped a significant amount of weight. In fact, some people were concerned he had some type of sickness or disease. But he actually just changed what he ate. In a recent episode of Good Eats entitled “Live and Let Diet”, Alton explained what he did to lose the weight. I am not a big fan of diets, because people most of the time put the weight back on, since they don’t necessarily like the diet they are doing. Instead of following one of those types of diet, Alton made a list for himself of what he was to eat daily, 3 times a week, 1 time a week, and never. The key thing to the diet is eating foods that are nutrient rich. Here is the list of food he ate (and didn’t eat)



Whole Grains

Leafy Greens



Green Tea

3 times a week (at least)

Oily Fish



Sweet Potato


1 time a week (can only have once a week)

Red meat




0 times a week (or NEVER!)

Fast Food


Processed Meals

Canned Soups (click here for my recipes for homemade soups)

“Diet” Anything (anything that has the word diet in it’s name)

Another key component to his diet is eating breakfast, every single day. It is indeed the most important meal of the day.

I think his diet plan sounds interesting. You don’t have to worry about measuring things, or counting carbs, you just eat the foods on the list. There is a lot of flexible in it (fruits is a vast category). This plan with the right discipline could be maintained over the long haul and that is key to maintain weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

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