The Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market

(Last Updated On: April 13, 2010)

Ann Arbor Farmer's Market

When it comes to shopping for produce, nothing bets a good farmer’s market. The quality and freshness can’t be beat by a chain grocery store. One of the best farmer’s market is in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market is a year-round event that takes place every Saturday, rain (or snow) or shine. There is a roof over the whole market, so any rain won’t hurt ya! The market is open on Wednesdays during the spring, summer, and fall. This year the Wednesday market begins May 5th. The market runs from 7am-3pm. You better come early, because this place is always packed. Even in the winter, parking is not easy. The market is located right next to the Kerrytown shopping district, near downtown Ann Arbor.

This market offers a wide range of ventors. You can find all sorts of produce in seaon as well as fresh eggs, hand crafted furniture and cutting boards, children’s clothes, homemade tamales, frozen grass-fed beef and lamb, all sorts of bread, cheese from Zingerman’s Creamery, and much more. I like to walk around the market first to get an idea of what I want to buy before I make a purchase (it’s small enough to do that).

Several of the vendors offer CSA programs, where you can buy an entire share of their produce for a entire gardening season. You can pick up your produce at the market. Many vendors also accept bridge cards. All you have to do is buy tokens using your bridge card at the farmer’s market office and then use your tokens as you would cash.

The only drawbacks to this market are parking can be a challenge if you don’t get their early and it can be quite crowded.

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  10. I look forward to visiting the market when next in Mich. Will send this link to family there in case they are unaware.

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