The Big Waste Airing on Food Network this Sunday

(Last Updated On: January 9, 2012)

***UPDATE***: Check out my review of the Big Waste. It will be airing again on Janaury 14th at 4pm ET/PT.

I was watching Food Network last night, when I saw a commercial airing for an interesting special called the Big Waste. It’s a food competition that is meant to show how we waste food in America. Bobby Flay and Michael Symon will be competing against Anne Burrell and Alex Guarnaschelli. Their mission is to make a gourmet three course meal using food that was headed for the trash. This will include gathering food from grocery stores and farms. They have 48 hours to prepare the food for 100 guests. I am interested to see what insight they have to show America about how much food we are wasting. I have helped out at an orchard before I have heard stories that in years where there was a big surplus, they had to dump already picked apples into a huge field, because they couldn’t find anything else to do with them.

This special airs this Sunday, January 8th at 10pm ET/PT. It will re-air on January 9th ET/PT at 1am and Janaury 14th at 4pm ET/PT. I plan to do a review of the show, right after it airs, so check back!

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  1. Carol Sweet says:

    I just saw The Big Waste! All around us we have so many hungry familes because of no work etc that could so use these foods that farmers are just throwing away! This is in Michigan. How very sad this is!

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