The Bulk Food Store

(Last Updated On: November 9, 2009)

A place that I have come to love to shop at is a good bulk food store. Bulk food stores are great for picking up ingredients. If I need a certain type of flour for a recipe and don’t want to spend the money on a big bag, then I can go to a bulk food store and pick up what I need. Or if there is a spice I need it, is much cheaper to buy it in bulk and I can get just the amount I want. It is a great place to find whole spices to grind myself for more intense flavors. When you buy pre-ground spices from a grocery store you have no idea how long that item has been sitting on the shelf. The flavor time clock is constantly ticking with spices.  Even if you don’t want to grind your own spices, the ones pre-ground from the bulk food store will most likely be fresher.

I have also found products I never would have seen in grocery stores, such as red popcorn kernels that are grown locally. Speaking of snacks, bulk food stores are the place to go for a variety of snacks. Why pay for a bag of a single snack, when you can experience multiple flavor adventures that you can only have from buying small portions at a bulk food store.

Here are two bulk food stores that I like to shop in:

By the Pound (Ann Arbor, MI)

Bulk Food Warehouse (Port Huron, MI)

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