The Season for Dapple Dandy (Dinosaur Egg) Pluots

(Last Updated On: August 19, 2012)

This season I am trying to familarize myself more with a section of the stone fruit world I have not given much attention to in the past – plums and pluots (and plumcots too!). So you are going to be seeing a bunch of reviews up in the next couple weeks, especially since the grocery store I work at has 6 varieties currently in stock! Up first is the Dapple Dandy. This variety is also marketed as Dinosaur Egg as it has an freckled-egg like appearance, plus slapping dinosaur on anything will get a kid’s attention.

I found a YouTube video from Dave Wilson Nursery about the Dapple Dandy. It’s an informative video that is worth 1 minute 24 seconds of your day.

My Experience with this Plum (Rating Scale 1-10)
Acidity: 2
Flavor: 8
Sweetness: 10
Juiciness: 10

Overall Feeling: This is one of the most juiciest pieces of fruit I ever put in my mouth. You need a bib or at least a paper towel to get this thing. They are also incredible sweet. And the taste is amazing too. It has a low amount of acidity in the skin where compared to other varieties.

Availability: This midseason variety, available in August. As the video states this plout stays on the tree very well, extending the time they are available as they don’t all need to be picked all at once.

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