Three Sisters – Natural, Sensible, Sustainable Cereals

(Last Updated On: May 25, 2017)

Three Sisters Cereal 1By far the best thing I can eat for breakfast is cereal. I would love to be able to make some of my own cold cereals, but that is easier said that done. I do not have the right equipment to pull it off. So I have been stuck with buying the name brand cereals. Not very “eat like no one else”. However this weekend, I discovered Three Sisters cereal at Whole Foods. I decided to give the cereal a try, not expecting it to match up to it’s bigger counterparts. I was surprised when the cereal was just as good as those big box cereals. The first one I tried was their Marshmallow Oaties. They tasted very similar to Lucky Charms. I went back to the store the next day to get more as they were on sale for $1.75 a bag. Besides having a comparable flavor to the national brands, why else should you buy this cereal. Three reasons, they are…

Three Sisters Cereal 2Natural
Three Sisters uses all natural ingredients. You won’t find any trans fat, partially hydrogenated oil, fake flavors, or fake colors.

Their cereal contain whole grains – wheat or oat (depending on the cereal).

The first thing you notice about their cereal is that it lacks a box. They save money and resources by not using them. They use a low density poly material for the bags with a resalable top. This bag keeps the cereal nice and fresh. What else makes their business sustainable is that they use wind energy to produce their cereals.

Where to Buy
You can purchase Three Sisters cereals at Whole Food Markets across the country. They come in these varieties: Cinnamon Sweets ®, Graham Crackerz ™, Honey Oaties ®, Honey Puffs, Sweet Wheat ™, Naked Wheat™, Cocoa Snapz™ and Marshmallow Oaties ®. They also offer instant oatmeal.

If you are looking for a healther, less wasteful cereal, give Three Sisters a try. I have never felt better about eating “Lucky Charms”.

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  2. D. Thomas says:

    Want to Buy Three Sisters Naked Wheat Cereal. Could not buy it in Red Bank NJ Whole Foods.
    They said their district did not carry it. I purchased it in DC Whole Foods but need to purchase it in
    Red Bank NJ Whole Foods or anywhere close to zip 07712.

    Can you help? Naked Wheat is the best cereal ever!

  3. Eric Samuelson says:

    I think I might be able to help. As you know now Whole Foods is divided up into regions. The Red Bank store and the DC store are in two different regions. The northern part of NJ and all of New York is part of the North Atlantic region, the southern part of NJ is part of the Mid-Atlantic region which includes the DC store. So you need to go to a store in southern NJ or in Pennsylvania.
    The closet store I found that I think might have is in Marlton, New Jersey. They are in the same region as DC. Give them a call and see if they have Three Sisters. Their number is 856.797.1115.

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