Rowe 1 This is my experience picking strawberries at Rowe’s in June of 2010

June in Michigan signals the beginning of the U-Pick season. Farms across the state offer people the opportunity to pick their own fruit and vegetables without having to do any of the planting. It is a great chance to get the freshest, best tasting produce you can buy. And since you pick them yourselves, you reap the savings.

Rowe 2 The first thing ready for U-Pick in Michigan is the strawberries. As soon as I had the opportunity I headed out to Rowe’s Produce Farm in Ypsilanti, Michigan. This year’s crop is said to be one of the best in their history. Their strawberries are $1.49 a pound. You collect them in free cardboard containers you receive when you drive in. The farm did a wonderful job of setting up their farm. They have signs that direct you out to the strawberries (or peas which they also have available right now). Then there is a couple workers in the field to direct you to a place to park. Then it’s out to explore the vast strawberries fields for your bright red treasures. Then when you are done you follow the signs to the 2 checkout stations, they weight your berries, you pay, and off you go. It’s easy in, easy out. We went on a Wednesday and within about 10 minutes there were about 9-10 cars parked behind ours, so I imagine they are pretty packed on the weekends.

The selection, quality, and flavor of the berries was superior to anything you might find on a super market self. The super markets carry strawberries that are bred to look great, not taste great. The sign of a true good strawberry is one that has very little white in the middle. Supermarket berries tend to large with lots of white in the middle.

Rowe 3

The season is short, so if you are in the area, get out to Rowe’s Produce Farm and pick some quality berries. Rowe’s Proudce Farm is located at 10570 Martz Rd, Ypsilanti, MI 48197. To get updates from the farm, join “The List”. Visit their website to find out more.


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  1. Mark Girard June 9, 2010, 8:48 pm

    We are glad you had a good time. My staff loves to get good press it makes the boss happier and yes we are VERY busy on the weekend but we have the most u-pick Strawberry acreage in Michigan so everyone gets good picking all the time and we handle things just fine.

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