Virgil’s Dr. Better – A Bold Claim, A Bold Pop

(Last Updated On: March 7, 2012)

Some companies like to claim they are the best. This is a difficult claim to live up to. It’s hard to be the best. I found one soft drink that may not be claiming it’s the best, but it certainly claims it’s better. Reed’s Inc has come out with a Dr. Pepper type soda called Dr. Better, under their Virgil’s brand. I have been looking for this drink for months, and finally was able to local it at Country Market in Saline, Michigan, which was a most unexpected place to find it.

The company was looking to make a Dr. Type soda, so they researched to try to find recipes from the past to make their brew. Unfortunately for them those recipes are so guarded they couldn’t even get a wiff. So they had to use their tongues and their knowledge of how to make flavorful soft drinks to come up with this new Doctor drink.

With a name like Dr. Better, this drink had to be better than Dr. Pepper or I was going to be disappointed.

As you see with the number of stars to the left, I was not disappointed in the least. They got it right, this is Dr. Better. The carbonation was spot on. All of the Reed’s/Virgil’s sodas are perfectly carbonated, and this one is no different. The flavor of this is spicy, a little fruity, and a lot delicious. Even better it’s caffeine free, gluten free, and all natural. What more could you want? Another winner from Reed’s/Virgil’s.

Where to Buy
I found mine at Country Market in Saline, Michigan. You can check their website for where their products are sold, but it doesn’t necessarily mean Dr. Better will be at that exact location.