CherriYum Cherry Plums

People are starting to get used to the idea of a plum-apricot hybrid called a pluot or plumcot. They seem to overtaking the standard plum in popularity. Especially with companies like Kingsburg Orchards leading the way with their “dinosaur fruit” – pluots labeled with dinosaurs on the stickers and on bags. So with that in mind are you ready for another hybrid – this time the plum is meeting with the ever so lovely and popular cherry. Yes the marriage of cherry and plum has happened and their offspring is beginning to show up in clamsells containers nationwide. The particular one I am going to talk about today is the CherriYum (Cherry Plums) grown by Phillips Farms.

CherriYum Cherry Plums

What Does a CherriYum or Cherry Plum Taste Like?

They taste as good as they sound. The flavor is dominated by plum. They have a rich, sweet taste. I love them. To me the flavor doesn’t scream cherry but it does make me want to yell out to everyone who good these are. The fruit itself is smaller in size than most plums, and the pits are also smaller than your average plum, so more fruit per square inch to enjoy. As you see from the photos the plums is a beautiful red on the outside and yellow inside.

When are CherriYums Available?
They have a limited season. Expect to find them in July, althought I have still seem them in stores in early August. I only saw them in two stores with $3.99 for a 1 pound clamsell container being the cheapest price.

When are CherriYums non-GMO?
Nowadays it seems whenever I mention to someone that something is a cross between this and that, they get worried and think this is something that has been genetically modified when in fact we are talking about cross pollination that has been done for years.

Who Grows CherriYums?
These particular cherry plums marketed as CherriYums were grown by Philips Farms in the heart of California’s San Joaquin Valley. They also grow Peacotums (PEAch, ApriCOT, PlUMS which are available during the month of August.


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