What are the Best Potatoes for Mashed Without Peeling

Baked Mashed Potatoes
(Last Updated On: November 2, 2017)

No Peeling Necessary Mashed Potatoes

There are two things people really dread about the Thanksgiving meal. One is doing the dishes. Two is peeling the potatoes. Nobody really wants that job, it’s just part of the deal. I am sure more than one person has been standing in the kitchen with a big bag of potatoes wondering if their agony will ever end. Or is there a better way? I say this Thanksgiving, forget the peeling all together! Unless your hands are in need of a workout, there are ways to make mashed potatoes and not have to fear pulling out the peeler.

Just Don’t Peel Them
Sometimes I don’t mind the peels still being in the mashed potatoes. It adds texture and the skins are good for you. This works great with Yukon Gold potatoes as well as red skinned. I prefer the more rich, buttery like flavor of the Yukon. Or to get the “best of both worlds” look for the Klondike Rose potato. It is red on the outside but the inside yellow like a Yukon. Purple potatoes would work as well. I would not do it with Russets. The skin is thicker. The only way I eat the skin of a Russet potato is when it’s being fried up, so it’s crispy.

Try My No Peeling Necessary Mashed Potatoes | Click here for the recipe
If Russet is what you have on hand, you still can avoid the peeling. Instead of boiling the potatoes. Bake them as you would if you were making baked potatoes. When the potatoes are done, they are easy to remove from the skins, without having to peel. Then prepare them just like you would any mashed potatoes. The thing I like most about this method is that the actual flavor of the potatoes is better. When you boil them, you are adding water, diluting the nature potato flavor.

A No Peel Thanksgiving
This Thanksgiving I say forget the peeler. Just either choose potatoes you that are good with the skins on or try my baked method. Then all you will have to do is fight out who has to do the dishes!

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