What is the Best Strawberry Soda Pop

(Last Updated On: March 28, 2011)

strawberryI love strawberry flavor. Whether natural or artificial, strawberry is one of the best flavorings. My favorite yogurt is strawberry. When it comes to candy, you can usually count on that I am going to like the strawberry flavor. But when it comes to strawberry soda pop I haven’t found a lot of great ones. Faygo Redpop and Towne Club Strawberry are both good strawberry sodas but are lacking something to make them 5 star drinks. But recently I got a hold of two more strawberry soft drinks: Fitz’s Strawberry Pop and AJ Stephens Wild Strawberry. I did a side by side taste tests with these two flavors, below are my results.

AJ Stephans Wild StrawberryAJ Stephans Wild Strawberry
Considered to be New England’s premium line of soft drinks, AJ Stephans makes a wide variety of flavors from black cherry to lime rickey. I have had their sarsaparilla in the past. Their drinks are sweetened with pure cane sugar. Their wild strawberry is something to be proud of. It has a deep red color to match it’s deep flavor. It’s nicely carbonated and very flavorful. The drink is good from the first drop.

Fitzs Strawberry PopFitz’s Strawberry Pop
This one I bought directly from the source. Fitz’s pop is made on the Delmar Loop in St. Louis, Missouri. They have a restaurant on site, where you can watch them bottling their soda pop. Their strawberry pop is light pink in color. As you take a sip, it tastes good, but as the drink lingers in your mouth you realize that is beyond good. A delicious strawberry pop that is perfectly carbonated.

5starsWho is Worthy of 5 Stars?
In my rating system, a 5 star drink means it is top of the line. It’s a product I would go out of my way to get again. It was a tough choice to pick a winner between Fitz’s and AJ Stephans. They were both good in their own ways. AJ Stephans had more of a fruit punch taste to it, while Fitz’s had more of a strawberry candy taste. But I have decided to only give 5 stars to one of these drinks

5starsFitz’s Strawberry Pop

4starsAJ Stephans Wild Strawberry

While AJ Stephans was good and I would definately drink it again, Fitz’s was slightly better. I liked the carbonation a little bit better. Fitz’s also leaves you will a taste in your mouth that is very enjoyable. So for those two reasons, Fitz’s wins and it awarded 5 stars.

Where to Buy
Old 52 General Store You purchase both Fitz’s Strawberry Pop and AJ Stephans Wild Strawberry online via the Old 52 General Store. They carry over 300 varieties of glass bottled soda. Their physical store is located in Sabin, Minnesota.

Other Strawberry Flavored Soda Pop
While not being pure strawberry, check out these other strawberry related drinks, that are delicious.
Jackson Hole Strawberry Rhubarb
Tommyknocker Strawberry Creme
Jones Soda Co. Strawberry Lime

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  1. […] The best reason to eat at Fitz’s is of course the root beer. Nothing like a root beer fresh out of a tap and into a frosty glass mug. There is a freshness to it, that you can’t experience any other way. Besides root beer you can also get diet root beer, cream soda, orange pop, and grape pop. I made sure to try every single flavor (minus the diet). They also offer some flavors only in bottles like their strawberry pop, which you can buy to take home (best strawberry pop ever!). […]

  2. […] in a frosty mug. They also had bottles you could buy to take home. I choose their strawberry pop (best strawberry ever!) and their orange cream. I have had a lot of orange cream sodas and have reviewed quite a few on […]

  3. […] 9. Fitz’s Strawberry Pop For a long time I had trouble locating a good strawberry soda pop. It took a trip to St. Louis, Missouri for me to find the best strawberry pop out there, created by Fitz’s. I visited their restaurant where you can drink fresh out of the tap soft drinks and watch the bottling process go on as you eat. […]

  4. Eric,

    I love trying different sodas too, and strawberry is one of my favorites. I just wanted to mention Derr’s brand soda. It is bottled locally in southern Indiana, and they have my favorite strawberry flavored soda. They also make a Cream soda, and orange pineapple. If you ever get a chance to try the strawberry, I think it will be at the top of your list.



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