What to Expect in 2016

What to Expect 2016

Helping you more this year how to find good food for great meals at home. This is my preview of what to look forward to in 2016 on Eat Like No One Else. Periodically check back at this page to see what I have going on throughout the year.

More E-Books
2015 saw the release of my first ever e-book “Fruits of Their Labor“. It is the start of a series of books telling the stories behind the scenes of some of the most hard working/passionate growers, producers, and farmers across the country. 2016 will see further editions of this series – featuring apple orchards, turkey ranches, another visit to Grapery, and more.

I also want to announce a new series of “This Season” e-books. Here at Eat Like No One Else, we are passionate about seasonal eating. Enjoying food when it’s at it’s peak of season not only saves money but also you are enjoying the very best. These e-books (one of each season) will guide you in how to make the most of each season, starting with [Eat Like No One Else] This Spring! The release date of each book is scheduled to be on the 1st day of that season (see full calendar below).

Product Reviews
For the first time I actually have a Costco membership, so I can talk more than just about what’s available – I can actually review it – I know what a concept! I did my first review in December with Kirkland Master Carve Ham. Expect to see more of these reviews in 2016, along with products reviews from other stores such as Whole Foods (like Farmhouse Gut Shots) and Trader Joe’s (like Trader Joe’s Honeys).

What to Buy at…
2015 saw the first two “What to Buy At…” posts. These are tips on what I think are the best things to pick up at certain grocery stores. These posts have done very well with the Pinterest crowd. Last year, I covered Fresh Thyme and Sprouts.

Best Way to Cook…
I like sharing recipes but what I really love is teaching people how to cook. One of those ways is sharing how to best cook certain ingredients. One of more popular posts has been the Best Way to Cook Purple Potatoes. In 2016, I plan to bring you more content like this.

Why Buy…
I am all about promoting passionate companies. People that are out there doing amazing things with food. I plan to reach out more to the great growers and producers across the country and tell you why you need to buying what they are selling.

Your Produce Questions
I am very passionate about produce and helping people understand the difference between varieties. Right now there is so much confusion about the small seedless orange fruit that people are calling mandarins, tangerines, Cuties, Halos, Clementines, etc. This year I will continue in my efforts to clear up the confusion. Expect more posts helping explain the differences or similarities. Also as for the norm, whenever I encounter a new variety of fruit or vegetable, you will read about it here.

Here is a month by month breakdown of how I expect the year to unfold.

By Month

– Citrus-related posts featuring the 2016 Where to Buy Sumo Mandarin post and I will answer the question why you find seeds in seedless mandarins.

– The shortest month of the year is a day longer this year, an extra day to cram in more Eat Like No One Else goodness. Valentine’s Day is always a great reason to bring up chocolate, as there always great sales on it. I will have something in the works.

– Promoting my St. Patrick’s Day content, including new content
– Sunday, March 20th – Release date for [Eat Like No One Else] This Spring e-book
– Easter Ham Sales Information as well as buying tips

– With St. Patrick’s Day and Easter taking up much of my time in March, look for me getting back to the basics in April and do some long awaited posts.

– With Memorial Day coming up and the kickoff to outdoor cookouts I look to follow up on last year’s BBQ sauces posts, including more about regional recipes.

– Summer is about to begin and the bountiful berry harvests that come with it. Strawberries are up first in June, so expect some awesome strawberry content to really get your appetite going.
– Monday, June 20th – Release date for [Eat Like No One Else] This Summer e-book

– What I love most about July is the cherries. I want to do more than ever with one of the most treasured fruits of the year.

– The Grapery grape season kicks off with new post including where to find their popular Cotton Candy grapes in 2016.
– This month I plan to take a 2 week trip out to California to meet with some growers and taste California’s last summer bounty.

– Apple season goes into full swing, new varieties reviews, recipes, and more.
– Thursday, September 22nd – Release date for [Eat Like No One Else] This Autumn e-book

– October is all about the pumpkins. Anyone with a yearly pumpkin addiction will not be disappointed.

– Thanksgiving is always the biggest time of the year at Eat Like No One Else. I will have all you need to know about buying that Thanksgiving bird and hopefully a couple surprises up my sleeve. Stay tuned!

– A busy time of year. From hams to roasts, I will help get the information you need to know to get ready for that big Christmas feast.
– Wednesday, December 21st – Release date for [Eat Like No One Else] This Winter e-book