What to Give the Alton Brown Fan for Christmas

(Last Updated On: December 1, 2009)

Do you have a HUGE Alton Brown fan among your family and friends? Below are a list of products that would make great gifts including items Alton has used on Good Eats, books, and DVDs.

When Alton breaks out the kosher salt, it is always in inside a salt cellars. It’s an easy way to get that pinch of salt you need.

Pick up one of his Good Eats DVDs, then your Alton fan can have that favorite episode on hand whenever they need it.

Alton Brown has helped design his own knives. This knife should make it’s user feel comfortable and safer from nasty cuts.

Of course, each Alton Brown fan needs one of his cookbooks. I got my copy of “I’m Just Here for the Food” last Christmas, and I have found my self reaching for it time and time again whenever I need a little advice or for a good recipe.

One of Alton’s coolest devices used on Good Eats, is his infrared therometer. They are great for letting you know a surface temperature quickly.